What is a Solicitor’s Job?

In general, solicitors provide expert legal advice and support to their clients, and often act on their behalf in legal issues. The clients range from private individuals and companies to non-profit organizations.

Solicitors in Birmingham often have strong written and spoken communication skills. They are expert in analyzing complicated forms of information, and they have the confidence and ability to work under any circumstance.

Solicitors can work in varied settings. In private practice, they often provide legal services for probate, litigation, criminal law, conveyancing, civil and family law, and personal injury. In commercial practice, they usually provide counsel and legal services for taxation, company formations, contracts and agreements, and even employment law. Some solicitors in Birmingham are working as in-house legal advice for companies or government agencies, while other are working as legal aide for Crown Prosecution Service where they examine evidence and determine if the case should be forwarded to the court.

What’s the Difference Between a Solicitor and a Barrister?

The basic distinction between solicitors and barristers is that the latter primarily defends people in courts of justice while the former primarily provides legal services outside the court.

When people say that they are going to consult their lawyer, it is often a solicitor that they are referring to. More often than not, solicitors provide legal advice to their clients, perform negotiations in behalf of their clients, and draft legal papers. Solicitors in Birmingham often perform desk jobs, but they are also required to travel to meet with their clients. In the past decades, solicitors are confined to lower courts such as the magistrate courts and county courts. However, today, there are solicitors who are now working in higher courts.

Barristers are distinct because they are required to wear a gown and wig while representing someone in court. They are attached to higher courts, and their primary role is to serve as an advocate in legal hearings; hence, they stand in court and defends the case of individuals in front of a judge.